Mandurah is feeling more and more like home everyday. The new connections we have made give us great opportunities to share the Gospel. Jon had the privilege of helping Elijah’s Aussie Football Club, which has led to new friendships and more contacts in our community. We hope that next season he will be the Footy Chaplin and be allowed to serve everywhere in the club. Pray that Jon’s understanding of the game will grow so he can keep up. Natalie is making connections by hosting a special craft making time for mums and their kids (pictured below). These mums come from all different backgrounds such as hippies, new age, Buddhist, and many others. Pray that all of these connections turn into disciples of Jesus. Even Liam has been getting in the action as well by telling his friends about God and it is forcing their parents to discuss God. I love Liam’s little heart for others to know about God and our new church.











We are excited about all of these new chances to share the Gospel and as the year is coming to an end it means that summer camp is right around the corner for us here in Australia. Jon has been helping with the planning of games, writing devotions, and preparing a lesson for our January camp. We hope to bring several kids from Mandurah to camp this year. Pray for these kids because most of them are not saved. We hope that camp will be a time where they will make life’s biggest decision.

Keep us in your prayers,

The Perry Family

Australia’s Need:
Australia is one of the least devout nations in the developed world, with religion not described as a central part in many people's lives. This view is especially prominent among Australia's youth, who were ranked as the least religious worldwide in a 2008 survey.
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