Australia is a country of beauty and wealth. Tourists flock to see Australia’s white beaches, exotic animals, and famous sights. The Australian motto and lifestyle is ‘No Worries!’

However the ‘No Worries’ lifestyle has lead to ‘No Religion’ and to ‘No Truth’. Australia is one of the least devout nations in the developed world, with religion not described as a central part in many people's lives. This view is especially prominent among Australia's youth, who were ranked as the least religious worldwide in a 2008 survey.

Although many Australians identify themselves as religious, the majority of them consider religion the least important aspect of their lives when compared with family, partners, work and career, leisure time and politics. This is reflected in Australia's church attendance rates, which are among the lowest in the world and in continual decline.

Of those Australians claiming nominal adherence to a Christian faith, less than a quarter of those attend church weekly. Nearly one third (30%), do not identify with any religion.

As of 2006, there are almost 4 million people in Australia with purely secular beliefs. This category includes agnosticism, atheism, Humanism and rationalism. The increase in these groups has sometimes been taken as an indication of growing secularism in Australia, that people are turning more to science and technology and away from religion and other spiritual resources. Many Australians are exploring alternate spiritualities and picking and choosing among their different elements and beliefs.
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